In an effort to continue to serve our faculty and staff amid the COVID-19 activity, please be advised of the following regarding the Tulane Living Well Clinic located in the School of Medicine Hutchinson Building.




    To be screened you must fill the COVID-19 Employee & Medical Staff Screening Form: Click Here


1.   Who has access to the clinic?

The Tulane Wellness Clinic is for all Tulane University employees, even if they are not currently enrolled in the Tulane Medical Plan. At this time, the clinic is just for employees, dependents cannot receive treatment there.

2.   How much will it cost to visit the clinic?

Urgent care visits, health coaching visits, and medications dispensed in-house at the clinic are free to employees who are enrolled in the University Health Plan.  Nutrition programming offered through the Goldring Center will be offered at no cost as well.

3.   Will information about the care and coaching I receive at the clinic be confidential?

Yes. All information given to the clinic providers is confidential. The clinic operates under HIPAA compliance guidelines. No individual information is ever shared with Tulane University; only aggregate data such as total number of visits and type of care provided is supplied.

4.   When is the clinic open? Where is it located and do you have parking available?

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The clinic is conveniently located at 1430 Tulane Avenue in the Hutchinson Building, Room 1545.  Click here for directions and parking instructions. 

5.   Who are the providers at the clinic?

The clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner with supervision from internal medicine and family medicine physicians.  

6.   How do I make an appointment to be seen at the clinic?

Please call the clinic number 504-988-Heal (4325) or visit Healow.com to schedule an appointment.

7.   What conditions and symptoms can I get treated at the clinic?

The nurse practitioner can treat common illnesses or injuries such as sinus infections, colds, flus, viral syndromes, upper respiratory infections, minor abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, urinary tract infections, allergic reactions, cuts, burns, bites, falls, sprains, strains, sore throat, rashes, pink eye, seasonal allergies, swollen glands, wheezing, and other unexplained pain or swelling.

8.   How will the clinic handle laboratory tests?

It is the intent of the clinic to limit its services to those which may require only minor labs performed in the clinic at no cost to the employee. Other labs will be sent to Lab Corp Laboratory.  It takes approximately 48 to 72 hours to get back the results. The nurse will call you with results. The employee will be responsible for the applicable co-insurance after deductible in accordance with the health plan benefits description.  Urgent labs will be performed at Tulane University Hospital. 

9.  How will the clinic handle radiology tests? How long does it take to get lab results back?

Radiology tests will be performed at Tulane University Hospital and Clinic.  It takes approximately four hours to get back the results. The nurse will call you with results. The employee will be responsible for the applicable co-insurance after deductible in accordance with the medical plan benefits description.

10.  What can I expect at the first urgent care visit?

You will be asked to complete a health risk assessment (HRA). This is done online as part of the UHC electronic medical record (EMR) and serves to create actionable items for health coaching.

You will be seen by a nurse practitioner in the exam room. The provider will complete an interview and physical exam to complete a correct problem list, medication list, and plan of care. After the visit is complete, a return appointment will be scheduled if necessary.

Health coaching might be performed during the urgent care visit as an initial relationship builder with the goal of scheduling a follow-up visit to work on individualized plans and coaching.

11.  What happens in health coaching sessions?

During your initial coaching session, your health coach will help you assess your readiness for behavior change, identify your motivators and strengths, identify potential barriers, create your individual wellness plan and set goals to achieve your plan.

During follow-up coaching sessions, your health coach will help you measure your progress, discuss your challenges, and celebrate your successes.

12.  How long does health coaching last?

Sessions are generally 30 minutes, though the initial session may be longer. You can expect to meet with your coach a minimum of four sessions for two to six months, depending on the lifestyle changes desired.

13. Do I need to take sick time when visiting the clinic? 

Both non-exempt and exempt employees are required to record their time visiting the clinic.  This requirement is the same as when the employee visits a medical provider other than the clinic.  This is a change in how absent time is recorded from last year.


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